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Reverse Head Tracking?

(Multi-Monitor) When you look to the left 45 degrees, have the monitors move to the right 45 degrees, so that you can create a 90 degree rotation, with only 45 degrees of physical movement. That way you can zoom in close with 3 monitors, so the text is clear on the center monitor, but if you move your head slightly to the side, the software would assist you by moving the monitor on that side closer to the center of your vision, instead of forcing you to crank your head over your shoulder to see the monitors on your sides.

OR... Have the camera zoom in on the monitor you're looking at, so that the monitor you're looking at might by 80% of your vision, while the other 2 monitors are pushed to the back to 5-10% size in the background. And then when you turn your head to focus on a side monitor, push the main one back, and bring the side one you're looking at, closer to your face.

Either solution would solve the same issue, depending on whether "zooming in front to back" or "reverse horizontal tracking" ends up being more comfortable.

The Godfather , 19.10.2017, 11:20
Idea status: under consideration


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